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Resto'Touch for Tablet PC

Menu Resto Touch TPC

Service at your fingertips!

Introduce your customers to the touch screen era with Resto'Touch for Tablet PC. Offer modern service and promote the quality of your establishment.

This intuitive, user-friendly application is designed to your unique look and delivered to you as a turnkey system for easy implementation, at a competitive price.

Use the latest innovation to promote the quality of your service! With this application, you can cut down the wait time by allowing your customers to select their meals themselves with the simple touch of a finger on a tablet PC. Resto'Touch for Tablet PC is guaranteed to give you significant time savings and limit mistakes made on orders. Cost savings as well - no more reprinting your menu whenever changes are made, simply update the interactive version!

This innovative application, specially developed for the restaurant trade, is a great platform to differentiate from your competition and delivers real added value to your business. Resto'Touch for Tablet PC helps you not only increase customer traffic and sales, but also growths your customer base and increases customer loyalty.

Choosing AFTER-MOUSE.COM is your guarantee of unrivalled service and an enhanced brand image.

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Groundbreaking new features

Interactive menu

Resto'Touch TPC - Carte intéractive

The interactive menu gives your customers access to your entire menu in a simple, engaging way, and they can make their selection with a simple touch of a finger.

Filtered views

Resto'Touch TPC - Les filtres

The application has a filter module to help your customers make their selections. They may choose certain criteria, such as vegetarian dishes, preparation time or calorie count.


Menu personnalisables

The home screen can be customized. You can define several different menus and choose which ones your customers can access. The application provides the possibility to define several meal options (for example starter, main course and dessert) as well as à la carte service. You can also include your wine or cocktail list. You have complete freedom to add or change items to the menu with a backend database, giving you a much greater flexibility than with a conventional printed menu.

Places of interest

Resto'Touch TPC - La Géolocalisation

The geolocation feature helps your clients locate up to 100 POIs, which you select. You could list your partner establishments, for example, or nearby visitor destinations. Your customers can browse full descriptions, using the latest Bing Maps technology.

Interactive discovery

Resto'Touch TPC - La découverte intéractive

With a simple touch of the finger, your customers can read all about your establishment. They can access photos and videos as well as brochures and any other media, directly on the Tablet PC. A neat way of marketing your establishment at the same time as entertaining your customers while they wait for their meals!

Web browser

Resto'Touch TPC - Navigateur Web

Let your customers surf the web, offering up to 10 sites which you choose and authorize. A secure way to give internet access to your customers!


Resto'Touch TPC - Actualités

Offer your customers the very latest information: the date, time, weather and latest news (RSS feeds) appear directly on the welcome page.

Bring a little magic into your restaurant by offering your customers these exclusive services with Resto'Touch for Tablet PC, the touch screen application for Windows 7/8 Tablet PC.

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